Our team

Metarea is developed by the Geeks studio, founded in 2016. Before Metarea, the studio worked as an outsource team on such projects as Doom Ethernal, Crucible, MudRunner, and Darksiders 3. In 2019, the Geeks studio founded XYZ School, an online school teaching game development. The courses are taught by the leading specialists from Blizzard, EA games, Ubisoft, Bethesda. For 2 years, we have graduated more than 80,000 students and received a few industrial awards.

Key people

Vyacheslav Muliukin

Vyacheslav Muliukin


Sergio Ivolin

Sergio Ivolin


Plashy G

Plashy G


Paul Moseykin

Paul Moseykin


Lutilve Xaliten

Lutilve Xaliten


Antony  Taylor

Antony Taylor


Amelia  Novak

Amelia Novak



XYZ School

The largest and the rapidly growing school teaching game developers in Eastern Europe. Graduated more than 180.000 students and has more than 47 courses.

Geeks Studio

A game development studio, behind such projects as Doom Eternal, Crucible, MudRunner, and Darksiders 3.

Genius Education

Online University of Digital Professions. The company's goal is to become the leader of the Edtech market in Southeast Asia.


Q2 2022
  • Press release
  • Trailer release
  • Web site release
  • Lands and Planets marketplace release
  • Lands smart contract release
  • Planets smart contract release
  • MERA Token smart contact release
Q3 2022
  • Metarea prototype release
  • First round lands prelase
  • First round asset sales
  • Metarea Passport
  • Assets smart contact release
  • Assets marketplace release (BETA)
Q4 2022
  • Creators instruments release (ALPHA)
  • Second round lands prelase
Q1 2023
  • Early Alpha version Meterea release
  • Third round lands prelase
  • Metarea Academy release
  • Second round asset sales
Q2 2023
  • Creators instruments release
  • Game vertical slice ready
  • Third round asset sales
Q3 2023
  • Fourth round lands prelase
  • Fourth round asset sales
Q4 2023
  • Public sale
  • Alpha version Meterea release
  • Lands sale ALPHA public round
  • Cinematic trailer
  • Dekstop launcher release
  • Marketplace release
  • Staking MERA release
  • Metarea NFT Drop
Q1 2024
  • DAO release
  • Community treasure release
  • Assets sale alpha round
Q2 2024
  • Beta version Meterea release
  • Creators instruments release
  • Community treasure release
  • Metarea NFT Drop
  • Lands sale BETA public round
Q4 2024
  • Metarea Release
  • Lands sale RELEASE public round
  • Asset sale RELEASE round

Mera token

MERA is an ERC-20 gaming token used in the Metarea metaverse. It is built on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain. It is the basis for transactions in Metarea. It is also a governance token.

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