What is DAO

Metarea DAO is a decision-making tool for MERA, LAND and PLANET holders in the Metarea Metaverse. By voting in the DAO, the community determine the development vector of the game, manage the Community Treasury (issue grants, allocate funds for the features proposed by the community, pay dividends, etc.), as well as vote for changes to the project's smart contracts.

Decisions that DAO takes


Roadmap Decision Making

After the release of the Alpha version of the game, the priority of feature development will be determined by voting done by the DAO.

Making updates to Smart Contact

Changing all smart contracts is only possible with the approval of the holders of MERA, LAND and PLANET.

Distribution of the community treasury

1.5% of all transactions of NFTs (LAND, ASSET and others) will be transferred to the Community Treasure. This treasury will be managed by the DAO.

How does DAO work

The main interface of the Metarea DAO is located at: vote.metarea.org. This is the place where users log in, create proposals, and vote.

The Metarea Forum is the DAO's communications hub. When a new proposal is created, the corresponding thread will be automatically opened in the Management section.


Mera token

MERA is an ERC-20 gaming token used in the Metarea metaverse. It is built on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain. It is the basis for transactions in Metarea. It is also a governance token.

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