What is $MERA

MERA is an ERC-20 gaming token used in the Metarea metaverse. It is built on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain. It is the basis for transactions in Metarea. It is also a governance token.

MERA will be required to buy and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) such as LAND and ASSET on the Metarea marketplace. You will also need MERA to participate in the management of the metaverse.

MERA provides economic incentives that will encourage players to contribute to the Metarea ecosystem.



In-game premium currency

Players spend MERA to buy in-game assets: planets, lands, houses, buildings, avatar parts, emotions, event tickets. Items that can be bought with the MERA token do not affect the game balance.


Creators get MERA by selling the NFTs they create. Professions allow users to create items in the NFT format: buildings, skins, mounts, engineering devices, hairstyles, emotions, digital art. They do it with the help of convenient visual editors and tutorials.


Players will be able to earn MERA during in-game events as well as by winning in tournaments.


You will be able to stake your $MERA tokens to earn rewards. In order to maintain a robust ecosystem, we want to encourage our community to consider long-term vision and Metarea's benefits.


6% of the total volume of the transactions carried out in the Metarea Marketplace will be distributed among the stakeholders:
25% — Lands owner treasury,
25% — Community treasury,
50% — Foundation treasury.


MERA is used as a governance token that allows holders to participate in platform governance decisions using the DAO framework.

Token metrics

MERA will be unlocked in a pre-determined schedule which lasts for 65 months from the public sale. The initial circulating supply is set to 39 773 420 MERA - 13,26% of the total supply. The above chart illustrates the maximum possible issuance of MERA over the coming years, and the total supply will never exceed 300,000,000




Unlock Schedule


Stage 1

Distribution of tokens for the funds according to Whitelist.

Stage 2

Distribution of tokens for ​Early Lands Staking.

Stage 3

Public Sale

Stage 4

Staking rewards, in-game content creation, active participation in the game and the game community.

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